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Welcome to the Aurosphere
Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Date:2006-04-03 10:38
Subject:Angelides '06
Mood: enthusiastic

So, I posted briefly about this in a locked post collecting various tidbits from the weekend, but I wanted to also put up a link on a public post... I have a modest fundraising goal for the Angelides campaign, as well as a page that lists the active letter-writing campaigns. Schwarzenegger is out raising buckets o' cash from the GOP machine. I think Phil Angelides is worth supporting.

Just to name one reason I think Phil's cool: he made his fortune as a real estate developer, and he was working on creating walkable, integrated, sustainable communities back in the '80s, before the issues of urban planning had any recognition at all in the mainstream of political or environmental discourse, let alone among developers. This is a guy who thinks seriously about the long-term impact of whatever he's doing, and, especially, learned to think many moves ahead of the guys in his business who were focused only on the bottom line for the current quarter.

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Date:2006-04-03 15:46
Subject:The ironically-named Help America Vote Act...
Mood: worried

This is very discouraging. Some aspects of HAVA make sense, but the implementation has (like anything else emanating from the current Congress and Presidency) been utterly botched. When voter registration is getting messed up, you can absolutely count on the fact that it'll affect the lower class more. And do I even need to mention the opportunities for mischief it opens up? Especially when our current Secretary of State -- appointed by the gubernator, after the elected Democrat was driven from office -- has continued to support the use of Diebold machines, over the strong objections of legislators and the general public. (Go Debra!)

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