May 6th, 2006

Dem Donkey

A highly political day...

Today, after having breakfast, I Collapse )

Now I'm waiting for plymouth to get home from researching the Livermore windfarm, and for djdigit to come over from sunyata__'s. I think roommate G~ may join in as well. If anyone else wants to come play games (and already has my number and/or address -- it's not like I'm gonna be checking email/LJ), we'll probably be up til about midnight. There will probably be pizza around 8:30pm.

ETA, 12:14am: Games were fun. Settlers with djdigit and plymouth; another Bab5er (don't know if he's on LJ) joined us about fifteen minutes before the Settlers game ended (I won very sneakily by grabbing longest road and playing two victory-point devcards, all at the same time), and after that we played Zar for an hour or so. So, a very good day all round. Bed now.
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