May 8th, 2006

Dem Donkey

Who's in my inbox today?

I have a very nice note this morning from Eddie Ratliff, one of the guys who started the Draft Mark Warner movement... He'd sent out a note about trying to build a presence of DMW people at various grassroots and netroots events (e.g. YearlyKos), and I dropped a line to note that Kos, at the booksigning in Menlo Park (at Kepler's) had said nice things about Warner and Angelides. Eddie was kind enough to write back and inquire how the CA Dem gubernatorial primary was shaping up.

I know that sort of personal touch can't last forever in any political organization -- at some point, you get too big to respond effectively to all the people that want a piece of your attention. I remember when I could write to the MoveOn folks and get a friendly reply. I'm glad MoveOn was able to grow to the point where that kind of interaction can't be maintained (though maybe they ought to try doing more live webchat type things, and have people submit questions through a moderator; the conference call with Phil was a lot of fun, and I've heard that Dean's nationwide conference calls are pretty cool). And I hope that the eventual Warner campaign is WAY too big for personal responses. But, at the same time, it's nice to know that, at least when they had the ability, these people did believe in taking the time to compose a friendly, intelligent response to whoever took the time to write in.

Referring back to that original note: Governor Warner has been invited to a bunch of events over the next couple of months; the Draft crew is trying to raise money for visibility work at those events -- build a nice booth, get signs and t-shirts, etc. (I guess some of the money may also be going to subsidize travel for the core crew of the DMW group, as well, since they seem to be working full-time on this stuff, unpaid.) I guess they're figuring that if Hillary's locking up the "traditional" money sources early, they need to build up credibility with another resource that, though somewhat fickle, does have a demonstrated ability to raise money and spread news.
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Voice Post: This is Auros. I have cats.

346K 1:33
“Cats are smarter than people think. Take my pair, the Onineko Sisters. The only reason they haven't carved a scarlet swath through my neighborhood is that I don't let them out. With nothing else to hunt, they kill flies that get in; one of them gets up high, on the cat tree or a shelf, projects herself across the room, smacking it out of the air. Then the other one kills it, and -- here's the kicker -- _brings it to me in exchange for cat treats_. Yes, they figured out that I was willing to bribe them to not swallow, and later regurgitate, bugs.

But that's not the cleverest thing they've done. I used to have my room arranged with the chest of drawers sitting next to the big sliding mirrored closet door. When they were still kittens, neither one could quite manage to open up that door, and there wasn't room between the bureau and the door for both of them. One day, I came home to find all the drawers open, and the closet open, and the kittens in the closet. This happened again the next day, and the next. Finally, on Saturday morning, I was sitting in bed and actually got to watch them: They'd roll over on their backs and scrabble at the first drawer until it opened, then hop up onto the newly created ledge, push the drawer open, climb in, and repeat, until they made a staircase. Then one of them would climb to the top, the other would go to the bottom, and _jointly_, they'd open the closet.

I'm telling, man, the only things holding these critters back from world domination is door-knobs and can-openers. And I don't know how long that's gonna last, so... watch out.”

Transcribed by: auros
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