July 31st, 2006


Conservative economics has lost its marbles.

Where do these people come from? How do they sleep at night?

Kevin Drum explains what W. Michael Cox of the Fed means by "portfolio diversification in your income." Try to guess what it means without reading the explanation.

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BTW, I'm not sure how many of you live in San Jose, but both of the candidates for SJ Mayor were at the Democratic Reunion picnic I was working at this past Saturday. I talked with Cindy Chavez for a bit -- she's been endorsed by the party, and is idolized by many of the more experienced activists I've been working with, for having been a tireless and effective activist, and having brought a new level of public accessibility and accountability to her work as a city councilwoman. Her opponent, Chuck Reed, is a conservative Democrat who has distanced himself from the party and accepted a lot of backing from Business Roundtable types; he has, rather hypocritically, tried to tie Chavez to the corruption scandal around the current mayor, who catered to some business interests by negotiating contracts without properly briefing the council. (Which of the two candidates seems more likely to be in bed with business? The one who's taken less money from large businesses with a stake in city contracting? Please.)
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Angie's List

Angie's List has been advertising on KQED for a while. I just signed up for it (with one year free, yay!) and within five minutes had located a plumber with 19 reviews, averaging As in all the categories they rate on, and a $10 coupon for people citing the Angie's List listing. I called them, and they may be able to come by this evening to check out the problem with my shower (which currently takes an hour to drain the water from a typical shower; it's always been a slow drain, but in the last few weeks it's almost stopped draining at all). The guy at their office said he'd call me back in a few minutes...

ETA: Yay, plumber will come at 9am tomorrow. :-)
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