August 2nd, 2006

Tesla Motors

How many "Chairman of the Board" types blog?

Elon Musk lays out the Master Plan, in the_tesla_blog. I wonder how long it'll take for the cheaper models to debut?

In other news, my shower is fixed. Yay. It turned out to be the hardware problem I'd expected, plus some kind of mineral accretion in the pipes. They're apparently narrower than the city code says they should be -- not much of a surprise. :-P

ETA: Since this post seems to be more for personal stuff, and my other recent post is political... My opera tix arrived today, along with an announcement that, as one of David Gockley's innovations, subscribers will be receiving an "opera preview" CD, with discussion of the works and samples. Definitely an interesting idea. I've heard about other companies doing this. Especially for the works I haven't seen before, I definitely can see the benefits... (Well, OK, "work" -- the only one this year that I don't know is Iphigénie en Tauride, which I'm guessing is a baroque mythology-based one... ETA: I take it back -- it's classical, not baroque.) Oh, and if you're only going to see one opera this season, check out The Barber of Seville. I believe they're restaging the production they did a few years ago, with the rotating set and the outrageous costumes. (Cherry-red trenchcoat!)
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Dem Donkey

Pollster call...

Hmm. I just answered a robopoll call, which seemed legit. It introduced itself as being from (I think) ANS Research, and said that the results would be made available to TV and radio news outlets. Can't find the company online, but I'm not actually sure I heard the name right, and the series of questions definitely sounded like a standard poll. Collapse ) In any case, here's hoping I've done my part to drag down Dubya's approval numbers. A typical poll reaches ~1000 people, and counts 500-750 as part of the final sample. So my answers should take him down something like 0.1% or 0.2%...

While I'm talking politics, I should mention that I was at a party thrown by the Do More Than Vote coalition last night, and, met a number of interesting folks. (Carl Pope discussed growing up going to public school in Montgomery County... Apparently a coalition of high-schoolers in the county recently got the local gov't to pledge to buy only renewable power...) I was handing out Angelides stuff (stickers, buttons, etc), and thus attracted a decent amount of attention. (I'm all out of a bunch of my supplies now. Oops. I hope I can replenish at the YoungDems thing in Burlingame on Saturday. Phil will be there, and hopefully the staff will have boxes o' swag.) One of the people who stopped to talk to me was Alix Rosenthal, who is running for a seat on the SF Board of Supervisors against Bevan Dufty (who is criticized for being in favor of business and gentrification over community). Alix's big platform issue is affordable housing -- the middle class and working stiffs should be able to live close to where they work. (This is, of course, an environmental issue, too.) If you're an SF voter, I strongly encourage you to read the BeyondChron interview. Very interesting. She's also a friend and supporter of Ross Mirkarimi, whom I've met on a few occasions, and was impressed by. And although she's been working for IRV, she at least was open to letting me show her a couple examples of where IRV has problems... I don't know if it really got across (it was kinda crowded and loud), but maybe. I really need to dig up the card she gave me, and email some more details...
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