September 5th, 2006

Supernatural Allies

Helping out an acquaintance...

An acquaintance I hadn't heard from for a while dropped me a line yesterday, because she's entered a contest relating to The Illusionist, which Xta and I saw on Sunday night. Beautiful cinematography, and a good story (if perhaps a touch predictable -- though I didn't clearly guess how they were going to get to the inevitable conclusion). Also, the score by Philip Glass is lovely.

Basically, people post film clips of themselves performing magic tricks, and try to drive up the hit-count. I thought hers was cute, so, go see it. It's based on one of the first tricks Eisenheim does in the film; apparently a lot of tricks in the movie, which look like they've absolutely got to be visual effects, are, in fact, the real deal -- they consulted with a lot of magicians and put together performances of the tricks, and filmed them.
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