October 7th, 2006


Pizza and Politics: Sun Oct 29, 4pm

Pizza and Politics will be held Sunday October 29th, 4pm.

Pizza and Politics is a transitive-invite event. If you know somebody who's invited, then you're invited too.

If you plan to attend, I would appreciate an email RSVP. If you want pizza, please let me know what toppings you like/dislike, and how many slices you want. I'm leaning towards ordering from Amici's, since we did Patxi's last time. For reference, Amici's large size is 15", and it's thin-crust.

Things worth bringing: Your sample ballot, news clippings, endorsement sheets. Also, having several laptops in the room can be useful; the series of tubes that carries my int0rnetz is back in working order, after six weeks of being clogged up, so the IvoryTower wireless network should be available...
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