October 10th, 2006


I'd heard the Yang/Feeney story before...

...but I hadn't heard the bit in the last minute of this video, in which Clint Curtis remarks on some recent events -- an employee of Yang Enterprises (for which Feeney was lobbying while serving as speaker of the FL House, and which Curtis testifies was designing vote-rigging software at Feeney's request) has recently been arrested, because it was discovered that he was sending info on the design of missile guidance chips, acquired through implanting backdoors in software for other contracts (with NASA), to China. If true, that would seem to make Feeney potentially guilty of treason -- co-operating with an enemy of America engaged in military sabotage. His only possible claim of innocence would be that he is colossally stupid -- that he knows the guy is dirty and willing to sabotage voting software for the GOP, but assumed he was completely honest when dealing with NASA info on rocketry. Here's further info on Henry Nee, the indicted, illegal-alien, espionage-committing buddy of the GOP.

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