November 3rd, 2006



I think I need a cat-sitter for at least some portion of the holidays around Thanksgiving (Wed 11/22 to Sun 11/26) and Christmas (Sun 12/24 to Tue 1/2). Benefits include free use of the home theater system (with extensive DVD and CD collection), the company of the onineko_sisters (who are shy, but very sweet if you take the time to let them get used to you), at least one meal on my tab, and my undying gratitude.

Minimum amount of effort would be one visit a day, to provide food, check the water, and scoop the litter. I'd prefer it if you could come by twice a day (separate morning and evening meal times), and spend at least a few hours hanging out, or stay overnight, every two or three days.

Update: Both periods look to be covered... Yay!
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