November 8th, 2006

House by Fraterrisus

The polls are closed...

First note that turnout was clearly far higher than the registrar planned for. At 7am when we opened, there were six people lined up outside, and from then til about 10:30am, there was never a time when there wasn't somebody waiting to sign in. Then there was an hour lull, then another rush between 11:30am and 1pm, then a lull until about 4pm when the evening rush started. When we closed the line to new entries, at 8pm, we still had 28 people waiting to vote. Throughput for the machines, when everything was running smoothly, was about 1 voter every 2 minutes (with five machines -- so each person was taking about ten minutes to vote). And a lot of the time, things weren't.

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Direct money given to candidates and party committees: about 10% of my income for the past year.

Walking eight local precincts (the three that make up College Terrace, plus five more in Mountain View, either with endorsement sheets and other literature or GotV reminders), plus three out in CA-11, plus phonebanking another half-dozen precincts: about 10% of my waking hours for the past six months (~12 hours a week, on average?).

Working the polls to make sure that my neighbors don't get disenfranchised by kludgy technology: one full day out of my life.

Making Nancy Pelosi the first female Speaker of the House, and Harry Reid (almost certainly *knock wood*) the Majority Leader of the Senate: Priceless.
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