December 5th, 2006

Hair Flip Brigade

Book concept...

I had a very silly story idea, while riding the train to work this morning.

An unusually beautiful young woman is sold into servitude in a secretive, ritualistic, regimented society of women who entertain, tell fortunes, provide charms and potions, etc. Through intelligence, charisma, and hard work, she rises to the top of her profession, triumphing over resentful competitors and the disapproval of society, gaining fame and fortune. Then she gets devoured by a demon.

I call it... Memoirs of a Goetia!

In less-silly news, the production of Carmen (which I saw with Ruth on Sunday) was very good. Same production as a few years ago; good sets and costumes, if not particularly extraordinary for the company. We were supposed to see Marina Domashenko, who appeared in the production a few years ago, but apparently she was sick, and the soprano who had been scheduled for the other half of the performances, Hadar Halévy, took over the full set. (I'm sorta curious about whether she's in any way related to Ludovic Halévy, who co-authored the libretto for Bizet's masterwork.) In any case, I think Halévy is the best Carmen I've seen -- she has a voice powerful enough to soar over the full chorus and orchestra, while still remaining completely smooth and seductive. She has the perfect voice for the role -- elementally earthy, voluptuous, sensual. Poor Don José never stood a chance.

The opera talk before the show concerned the pervasive Fate motif, which shows up in fairly obvious ways (at the end of the overture, for example) as well as being embedded in a lot of surprising places, with fast-moving, light variants showing up in even some of the more cheerful pieces.
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