December 17th, 2006

Dem Donkey

Apparently I am a "regular" at Amber India...

Friday afternoon, I left work at noon to take my computer home to review a draft of a patent... I stopped at Amber (on El Camino, just north of Rengstorff) for lunch. It's right next to where the North Santa Clara County United Democratic Campaign office was, this past cycle; when I was working out of that office, I would stop in fairly often, and since then I also got my team at work over there for lunch one time... In any case, when I got there, it was so crowded that the line for the buffet was out into the anteroom where people were also trying to get their name on the waiting list... When I finally got to the maitre'd, he recognized me, and, partly because he knew me, and partly to avoid giving a table that could hold 2-4 people to a party of one, he offered to let me skip the waiting list and sit in their office. Which was sort of entertaining. A bit cramped, and I was being careful not to spill anything on the computer, but, still. Oh, and then when I went to pay for lunch, he insisted that it was on the house, since they'd stuffed me in the office. I gave him a 40% tip. :-)

In less gustatory news, I've spent the last two afternoons walking around my neighborhood, knocking on doors, leaving flyers, talking to people, and collecting signatures. I'm emphasizing that a) on most basic state and national policy issues that people care about, I'm solidly in the "Dean Democrat" camp (universal healthcare, fighting global warming, getting the US to follow international norms again, etc), and b) I'm interested in many technical issues that have largely not been addressed (electoral reform, property tax reform, working on a deal with other large states to end gerrymandering) because most activists aren't interested in them or don't know much about them. I figure, even if the 50-signatures rule has been dropped, it still is worth doing as a demonstration of engagement with my community. And of course I'm also encouraging everyone to come to the caucus themselves -- every Democrat has a stake in who gets put on the state central committee, which defines what it means to be a Democrat. The caucus is where the general membership of the party gets their chance to exercise some small-d democratic power. Those of you who are registered as Democrats in AD 21, please do come. And tell your friends. Heck, even if you don't live in the district, tell anyone you know who does.

The caucus is on Saturday January 13, starting at 10am (til noon or a bit later), at the Hillview Community Center, 97 Hillview Ave, Los Altos.

Highlight of this round of canvassing, thus far: One of the houses I stopped at, I was talking with the son of the person I actually wanted. He recently turned 18, and wasn't yet registered to vote. I've been carrying registration forms in my bag, for just such occasions. Yay for registering more Democrats!
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