January 7th, 2007

Dem Donkey

Finished canvassing...

Considering I've walked College Terrace three times now, you'd think I'd remember how big it is. It never ceases to amaze me just how long it takes to knock on a few hundred doors. I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised, though -- I think there are about twice as many people in our little neighborhood of Palo Alto as in the entire town where plymouth's mom lives. In any case, it's good exercise.

I collected 91 signatures (unless I lost count somewhere -- I need to go back over them one more time), and I think at least a dozen of those people, maybe more, will actually show up to the caucus next Saturday. Now I just need to work on a one-minute speech...

I ran into two Republicans, in the course of canvassing -- one was the husband in a mixed couple (he told me to "take [my] socialist crap and get off [his] property!") and the other was just somebody who'd moved into a place that had formerly housed a Democrat (she gave me chocolate, and we had a pleasant conversation about the problems with how property taxes are currently run).

I also talked yesterday with a guy named Rob Herman, who's an installer (I think? his card says "Independent Direct Seller", and I know he said he's been working in the solar industry for decades) for Citizenrē, a company that's started a program where, instead of having individuals buy solar panels (which, although they do pay for themselves in the long run, can be tough to afford up front), the company installs and maintains the panels for free, and makes its money by selling you the power (at a rate that's locked in, and guaranteed to be below current utility costs), and claiming the credit for any power flowing to the grid. It's such an obvious idea that it's amazing nobody had already done it. As their video points out, if the cellphone companies had charged you for all the equipment involved in their service (i.e. cell towers and network cables), nobody would have phones -- cell service really took off when they started giving away phones cheaply, and just charging for the service contract.

I think Rob's looking for customers, so if anybody thinks their house would be a good candidate (good southern exposure, not too much shade from other buildings and trees), let me know and I can pass him your email address. ETA: Rob writes to tell me that I can post his email, so you can contact him directly: Robert Herman <robherman64@yahoo.com>

ETA: Collapse )

There are, apparently, seven (ETA: Rob Dickinson, one of my favored candidates, got an appointed seat, and so is no longer a candidate) six men running in AD21 who have good credentials , and a total of 15 male candidates. (Although voters can check off any 12 candidates, the winners are the six women and six men with the highest vote counts, even if more than six of the top-scoring 12 candidates are the same gender.) There are also four women I plan to vote for. (All my endorsees are listed in my post about the AD Caucuses.)
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