January 13th, 2007

Dem Donkey

Assembly District Caucuses

Update: The full list of candidates at all AD caucuses is now available. I'm updating the AD21 list to add all the people whom I will be planning to vote for... Will try to find time to add info on people in other ADs at some point.

I'm forward-dating this post to make it stick at the top of my blog until the caucus... I'm keeping full details on AD21, but also trying to accumulate some basic info (like, who from the DFA/progressive activist community is running) for other local ADs. You can find locations and contacts for every AD at the CADem site. If you don't know what district you're in, go to www.smartvoter.org, punch in your address, pull up your "current" ballot (which will be the General Election from this past November), and look for the "State Assembly" section.

If you're a progressive Democrat, you should seriously consider attending your AD meeting to help elect the twelve delegates who will speak for you in shaping the goals of our party in the next two years. At this point, we have not identified who all our candidates are, but if we show up in large enough numbers, we could have a significant impact on who is elected. The deadline to run for ADD has now passed.

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Please feel free to leave comments, updates, or requests that I go in search of more info, in the comments section below. Folks who are not on my friendslist, or who don't have an LJ account at all (and thus need to comment "anonymously") will have their comments "screened" -- that is, the comments won't be visible to anyone but me, until I approve them. This is an anti-spam measure. Although it's not required, I'd appreciate it if anon commenters would sign their posts.
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Dem Donkey

Thank you, AD21 Dems!

I will be attending the 2007 California Democratic Convention as a delegate representing Assembly District 21. If any of the ~200 folks who showed up to vote are reading my journal, THANK YOU! I will do my best to help steer our party towards being more responsive, more engaged with the grassroots, more open, honest, and transparent. And I'll seek to represent our region's progressive values.

Thanks as well to the other candidates, both those elected to our delegation, and those who put their hats in the ring but didn't win. We had more good candidates than seats!
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