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Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Date:2007-05-03 09:20
Subject:I ♥ Anna Eshoo
Mood: pleased

And she has such good staff, too -- like Margaret Abe-Koga, who worked on Anna's early campaigns and as a staffer in her first House term, and is now a Mountain View Councilwoman. I was really pleased to see Anna show up at the Convention dinner honoring Nancy Pelosi last Saturday night, as one of the colleagues introducing her... She's reached a pretty senior level in the House Democratic Caucus.

From: Anderson Grubb
To: [folks who signed up to participate in the League of Conservation Voters' "meet with your rep to support renewable energy" day]
Subject: RE: League of Conservation Voters meeting with Representative Anna Eshoo staff

Dear League of Conservation Voters members,

Thank you again for taking the time to meet with me on the 11th to discuss
climate change, conservation and Rep. Eshoo's work. I'm writing to let you
know that, as promised, you will be hearing from the Congresswoman soon on
the points and questions you brought up in our meeting. However, since it is
taking a little longer than I expected to get that out to all of you, I
wanted to follow up with you directly on two main points from our meeting.

The first was that you and the League have asked the Congresswoman to become
a cosponsor of H.R. 969, a bill to create a federal renewable energy
portfolio standard. The Congresswoman completely supports a federal RPS and
has signed on to that bill as a cosponsor
(you can get to the full list of
cosponsors and the bill text from here:

The second was that several of you raised the point of the importance of
simple, local action, like make small energy efficiency improvements in our
own homes and supporting local governments that have conservation-promoting
building and housing codes. In line with that idea, the House leadership has
launched an initiative to make the House of Representatives facilities
themselves carbon-neutral by the end of this Congress.
The Chief
Administrative Officer has published a report of suggestions for making this
possible, which include many of those small acts we talked about. You can
read the full report here: http://speaker.gov/pdf/GTCsummary.pdf

I hope you find this information useful, and again, thank you for meeting
with me!

Andy Grubb, Senior Field Representative
Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo (CA-14)

I still vote for making Anna our next Senator, whenever DiFi retires...

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Date:2007-05-03 11:05
Subject:More on Chinese processed foods...
Mood: still furious

Apparently, without me ever having heard about it, glass noodles have already had contamination problems in the past -- companies have used toxic whiteners to make noodles that were made mostly from cornstarch look like (much more expensive) mung bean flour noodles. In one case, it was lead. In another case, an industrial bleach. These were in '04 and '06. How come this didn't make the US news? These products are on our shelves, in the international foods sections of numerous grocery stores, and in ethnic markets like Ranch 99!

Does anybody know a US-made brand of glass noodles? They're yummy with stir fry.

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