July 31st, 2007


Things that annoy me about GMail, thus far...

...though it's possible I just haven't figured out how to fix them yet.

a) I can't seem to get plaintext messages to display in a fixedwidth font. ETA: OK, this is fixed by a FireFox plugin called "Better GMail". I haven't figured out yet how many other things it can fix.

b) I can't get it to display with older messages at the top. I hate "newest first" sort. It's wrong.

c) When you archive or delete a message, it goes back to the inbox, instead of the next message. (This is a customizable behavior in Pine.)

d) I can't open multiple messages in new tabs; middle click (or command-click, on Mac) on a subject fails to do what it should obviously do (since clicking on a subject opens the message). This is something I can do even in my ISP's crummy low-grade webmail client, which I tolerate if I'm someplace where I can get a browser but not a telnet or ssh client.

e) I can't filter on an arbitrary header. Dumb, dumb, dumb. This means I can't look for "moodlepost" in the "Message-Id" header, in order to separate the mailings that are formatted to look like a one-to-one message from the poster to me, but are actually being generated by the school's BBS. I'll have to figure out something else that distinguishes those posts. Subject line is no good, because if you start an email conversation off of a moodlepost, then you do have actual personal email with the same subject...

I may add to this list as I go along... I have mixed feelings about its keyboard shortcuts; they're good in theory, but they also interfere with the Firefox "search in the current page by typing" system.

Oh, and the reason I'm using GMail is because Presidio has its email accounts hosted on GMail.
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SH Planet

PSA: Strange Horizons

The magazine I used to work for is having its semiannual PBS-style fund drive... If you like speculative fiction, consider that four of the last five Campbell winners (that's the award for best new writer) were published in SH before winning the award: Jo Walton '02, Jay Lake '04, Elizabeth Bear '05, John Scalzi '06.

SH is a valuable resource for new writers, and is helping to shape the future of the genre. And we give it away for free, with archives back to our very first issue! Please consider chipping in a few dollars to help keep the site going. $5, or $10, or $20 isn't much in exchange for Jay Lake and his TOOOOOOAST!
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Auros Face from wedding

Edwards at lunchtime?

John Edwards will be appearing in SF, at a low-dollar early-afternoon event -- tickets are $15, and can be purchased at the door. He's still in first place in Iowa, and in contention in South Carolina; if you want a chance to meet the guy who might be the next president, this is as good as it gets. And you really can talk to him; there'll be a crowd for the speech (and the Q&A if there is one, which there was at the San Jose version of this event), but a lot of people meekly disperse afterwards; one of the big secrets of politics is that you can meet just about anybody if you're assertive, and just walk up to the stage after a speech and say something like, "Hi, I'm $name and I really appreciated your point on $topic, but I wished you'd had more time to discuss $other_topic." Campaign managers hate this -- it's why politicians are always late -- but the candidates love it.

I can't make it, because I have a conference call I need to tune into at that time, but I encourage others to check it out.
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