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Welcome to the Aurosphere
Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Date:2007-09-27 13:23
Subject:Via larksdream
Mood: amused

Pie doesn't have tentacles!

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Date:2007-09-27 16:13
Subject:John Dingell (D-GM) has proposed a carbon tax.
Mood: surprised

Dingell (technically from Michigan) is usually known for opposing anything opposed by the automakers. But he's decided to propose what is actually a pretty reasonable cap-and-trade plus carbon-tax model. He's basically told everyone that he expects it to fail, but he has endorsed the arguments in favor. And he's at least giving it a chance, and there's an opportunity here to educate the public, and our representatives. Friends of the Earth has an easy auto-letter page, or you could go send a direct note through your Representative's website, or call them up.

(Note: The ball started rolling on this a couple months ago; I'm not sure how I missed it then. But apparently it's now actually being introduced.)

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