October 29th, 2007

Auros Face from wedding

Edwards to make major move on sustainability issues...

I've just heard from Hunter Lovins that she's been working for the Edwards campaign, helping them prep the details of a serious "green collar jobs" policy. Eeeenteresting. And shores up Edwards on an issue where I'd felt he was lagging behind Obama...

Senator Edwards is calling for Green Collar Jobs, Van Jones' brilliant observation that weatherizing and solarizing homes can simply not be off-shored, that one solution to inner-city poverty is a jobs-training program that puts America to work before we scorch the earth, building real homeland security in every community in the nation.

Of course, I'm still worried that there's only room for one anti-Hillary. :-/

ETA: Also, this is quite impressive -- taking on the military-industrial complex, head-on. Of course, I'm sure that right wingers would take this as a sign of what a crrrraaaaaazy liberal he is. :-P
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