November 29th, 2007


Any Santa Clara County residents care to work the polls next year?

I just got my form from the registrar asking whether I'm available to work, for all three elections next year -- Feb 5, Jun 3, and Nov 4. They're also looking for referrals of new clerks, because they're expecting the February and November elections to have huge turnout. If anyone's willing to consider working, it's kinda fun, and you get paid roughly a hundred bucks for the day. Also, I get $10 for each successfully-referred recruit. So if you wanna sign up, let me "refer" you, and we can split the referral bonus. :-)

BTW, given the turnout that's expected, the registrars (in Santa Clara County and most others) are generally encouraging people to register to vote by mail. Bear in mind that even if you do, if you enjoy the ritual of coming to a polling station (or if you don't trust the US Postal Service to deliver your ballot on time), you can bring your sealed and signed absentee ballot to your polling station (or any other in your county) and drop it off in the ballot box; and you get to bypass the sign-in line if you do that. (Note that if you're delivering somebody else's ballot, they need to sign a second time on the envelope to indicate that they've authorized that. Look at the instructions on the envelope for details.)
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