February 6th, 2008

Dem Donkey

Something does not add up here.

If you have not yet heard about the Los Angeles double bubble, it's sort of a reincarnation of the butterfly ballot -- it was a needlessly confusing ballot structure that may have cost a lot of people their votes. In order for voters registered as non-partisan / decline-to-state to vote in the Dem race, they had to make two marks in the presidential section of their ballot (as opposed to the butterfly, where it looked like maybe you needed two marks, but actually you needed to not make the second mark).

It would appear that in the LA presidential returns, there are over a million votes split between Obama and Clinton. And yet, if you look at the numbers for Non-Partisan Voters who cast a Partisan Ballot, you'll find that less than 100k people successfully got counted in the Dem presidential race -- that's less than 10% of the ballots. N-Ps are ~20% of all registrants, and the only major primary they could vote in was Dem. (I think Dems are around 40%, so if all N-Ps voted in the Dem primary, they'd be a third of the voters in that race, not 10%. And at our polling station, that one-third figure is about right.)

We need competent registrars. And we need to support Debra Bowen in setting statewide standards for elections.
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