June 20th, 2008


Beef stew/soup with lemon juice, nectarine, rhubarb.

I bought too much rhubarb, for making strawberry-rhubarb-nectarine crisp. And I also bought extra nectarines, just because, hey, nectarines are one of my absolute favorite fruits. (It wasn't so much that I bought too many stalks of rhubarb; it's just that the stalks were much bigger than they looked, or at least bigger than the stalks I'd gotten the previous two times. Really, this all makes sense... if you're me.)

Anyways, I was trying to think what to do with the rhubarb. Maybe make a compote for topping things with? Eh, boring. I'd made crisp three times already, which was kind of enough sweet rhubarb stuff for a few weeks. So I thought -- what about a savory dish? Then I remembered, years ago, seeing some contestant on Iron Chef, on the episode where the theme ingredient was peaches, make a beef stew with peaches. I had nectarines.

I had an idea. An utterly crazy idea. Collapse )

I got up super-early on Wednesday morning to make stew. (Using the oven for three hours at the end of the day, when it's 85° in the house, seemed like a bad idea.) There's still one serving left in the fridge. It has been quite tasty for lunch each day.
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