January 11th, 2009

Auros Face from wedding

Stuff I've done so far this year...

  • Gotten re-elected to the California Democratic Party State Central Committee. (Yay! Thanks to the folks who took the time to show up and vote!)

  • Scanned my entire collection of books, movies, and music (excepting a few random weird items) into Delicious Library, so in future when I loan stuff to people I can make a record of it, and not notice six months later that it's missing and I have no idea who has it -- which is currently the case with a couple seasons of Bab5, and the first book of the Thursday Next series, and could be true of other things that I simply haven't noticed because they're not part of a series. Apparently I am too trusting of my friends' reliability. :-(

  • Ordered all of my school books and taken multiple phone meetings and sent lots of emails relating to school (with my Capstone team, TA training on teleconference technology we're trying to use to make group "office hours" / homework review sessions work better for remote students, etc).</p>
  • Actually played a game on my Wii for a few hours! (Except it's the GameCube Zelda, because I am, as usual, a full generation behind on what console games I've had time to play.)

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