April 11th, 2009


Bday dinner for Xta...

Triptych is very good. And has very friendly staff.

hot cider with soju and cinammon

local biodynamic savignon blanc (from Mendocino County, not sure what label, and the wine list on the website appears to be out of date)

arugala, red beets, pink grapefruit, goat cheese baked wrapped in leek leaves, and meyer lemon vinaigrette

butternut squash ravioli (done with the filling slightly sweet -- kind of like Afghan kadu) with wilted spinach, sage, browned butter, and (I think?) a touch of aged balsamic vinegar

osso buco -- braised pork over polenta, with a strip of crispy bacon and gremolata (finely minced garlic, parsley, lemon zest, and a bit of anchovy paste)

pear tart, Vouvray demisec (very strong pear and honey notes; forgot the label)

capuccino cake, ruby port (Robert Hall)

We also went to Clockwork afterwards. Good music. And their video loop included bits of an interesting looking film called The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello.
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