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Welcome to the Aurosphere
Monday, April 13th, 2009

Date:2009-04-13 21:55
Subject:Know anyone who needs a room for the summer?
Mood: restless

Xta and I are looking for another subletter. Our current roommate (who was already temporary anyway) got let go from his contract position in Menlo Park early, and is moving in with a friend where he can have cheaper rent at the end of April. So we're looking for yet ANOTHER subletter. We did the math on the foreclosure process for our house and at the earliest we could potentially be kicked out of here is August 15th. It is likely it will be significantly later than that. We're also in the process of investigating whether we want to just buy the place ourselves, so it's possible we will be here longer than that.

So we're looking for a subletter from May 1 to July 31 or possibly later. Which seems about perfect for someone with a summer internship. Do any of you know someone with an internship in the bay area who might be looking for a place? Here is our Craigslist ad.

ETA: Taken...

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Date:2009-04-13 22:05
Subject:Writer's Block: Gamer's Choice
Mood: nostalgic

What is your favorite old-school video game?

Wait, I'm supposed to choose one? Also, just how old-school? Listing a few out by the platform I originally played them on...

NES: Zelda 2 -- I still say it was better than the original. Rygar. The original Final Fantasy.

PC: Bard's Tale. Star Control -- though mostly because it spawned Star Control 2. Starflight -- though again, the sequel (Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula) was significantly better.

Mac: The Journeyman Project (1-3). Myst (and Riven and Exile).

Apple IIe: Bug Attack. Frogger. Lode Runner. Some early iteration of Carmen Sandiego. Many Infocom games.

Arcade: Gauntlet, Magic Sword.

I could probably keep going.

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