January 22nd, 2010

Avenging Angel

Another reason why the Citizens United decision is a disaster.

Question for John Roberts: How much money should Saudi BinLadin Group (www.sbgpbad.ae), or GazProm (www.gazprom.com), or Sinopec (english.sinopec.com) be allowed to contribute, through a US subsidiary, to candidates in US elections?

We need an immediate patch to corporate law, making abstention from electoral spending a condition of maintaining a corporate charter. And we need a Constitutional Amendment declaring that for purposes of US law, you can only be a person if you're actually capable of, you know, eating, breathing, etc. Unfortunately, I'm not all that optimistic about either of these things happening. We basically need the Tea Partiers to wake up to the fact that their rage about stuff like the banking industry bailouts, is helping those very same corporations, by making it impossible for the party that wants to rein in corporations to do so.
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