August 4th, 2010

SF Opera

Opera tickets this fall...

As many of you probably know, I subscribe to the SF Opera, and sell some the tickets for shows I've seen many times. Because I get the subscriber discount, I can sell them significantly below the cost you'd have to pay to get individual tickets from the box office. (Weekend singles on the SFOpera website are currently listed at $125. The face value on mine is $100, and I add $0.50 per ticket, from the shipping-and-handling charge I paid with my subscription. So each pair is $201.) My seats are Dress Circle E126 and E128, on the first aisle out from the center. The view is superb.

I currently have two pairs available:

Each opera is preceded, one hour before, by an educational lecture.

I'm flexible in arranging payment and delivery -- I can meet you somewhere to exchange the tickets for cash (I live in Mountain View, near where Rengstorff Ave meets Central Expwy), or you can use PayPal or mail a check, and I'll mail the tickets back. If you're interested in seeing a show, but the date doesn't work for you, I'm happy to exchange to a different date, though of course the seats will likely be different. If you want, I can either meet you somewhere, or dial the SF Opera Box Office into a three-way call with you, so you can pick out your date and seats. I'm willing to sell the tickets separately, if I happen to get two solid offers; I want to avoid ending up with a stranded single.

I also will be selling Dress Circle J128, a few rows back from my regular seats, for Das Rheingold on Jun 14, 2011 at 7pm, and Die Walküre on Jun 15, 2011 at 6pm, for $115 each. (Xta didn't care to re-watch the first two operas; my mother wants to see the whole thing. So I'm going with my mom to the first two, and all three of us are going to the latter two. But the only way to do that was to get three full-cycle seats.) There are "a la carte" showings of Siegfried and Götterdämmerung, on May 29 and Jun 5, respectively, so if you bought these tickets, and the a la carte tickets for the latter two episodes, you'd have a "bargain cycle". You'd be seeing the latter two episodes first, but you'd save roughly a thousand bucks -- the price for a full cycle subscription in dress circle includes a "mandatory donation" of $460 per seat, and the single-ticket price is $135. I haven't received my Ring tickets through the mail yet -- I just have the letter confirming my seats -- but I'd be happy to arrange the sale in advance.

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