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Welcome to the Aurosphere
Friday, August 5th, 2011

Date:2011-08-05 15:11
Subject:Opera tix
Mood: busy

I've just received my subscription package for the upcoming season, and looked through it to decide which ones I really want to go to, and which ones I'd be happy to sell. The tickets immediately available for sale are:

Turandot, Sun 9/25 2pm
Don Giovanni, Sun 10/23 2pm
Carmen, Sun 11/6 2pm
The Magic Flute, Sun 6/24 2pm

For the first time in several years, my seats improved when my subscription renewed (though only by one row). I now have Dress Circle D126 and D128 -- fourth row, on the inner side of the first aisle out from the center. (Seating chart available here.)

The Series M package was $959 per seat plus shipping and handling. (Click on the Full Series "Packages and Prices" link on this page for a PDF with details.) Including S&H, it works out to around $107.50 per ticket (i.e. $215 per pair), so that's what I'm asking. Official face value on the ticket is $135, though I was just poking at the website and it looks like they've taken a cue from the airline industry and started using dynamic pricing based on demand. I found Dress Circle seats for different weekend shows priced as low as $129, and as high as $169. I definitely didn't see any for as little as I'm charging.

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