March 15th, 2013


Maybe I need a drink. :-P

I've been stuck at the allergy clinic this morning longer than usual because I had a weird blood pressure spike. 150/95, when I've never seen it over about 130/85 before, and it's usually a little below 120/80. Probably nothing to worry about -- just over-caffeinated on top of my regular stress-load, and I was kind of running in a little late, so I may've been elevated because of that. Plus I was talking somewhat animatedly to the nurse when she started taking the pressure. But they want me to chill out in the waiting room and check it again in a bit, to make sure it's nothing to do with the shot.

I wonder if it's occurred to them that being stuck here when I have stuff to do may, itself, be a stressor. :-P

I'm at least logged onto work email through the waiting room's free wifi, trying to get something done. Unfortunately, the things I really need to do require my PC, which is on my desk at home. :-/

ETA: I was still somewhat elevated when I left -- in the 130/85 type of range -- but that was normal enough they decided to let me go, so I went and got our Rachel Maddow tickets and then came home. My stupid persistent cough left over from cold a couple weeks ago acted up for a while, just after I got home, which is weird, usually it's worst at night, after about 10pm. Still feel... just weird. Not bad exactly, and I don't feel any kind of tightness in the throat (it's a little sore from the cough, but basically the same as the last few days) or other anaphylaxis stuff... I dunno. I guess I'll try to self-monitor for any more serious respiratory syptoms, and either try to drive myself to the nearest hospital (I guess the county-run medical center, near Hillsdale Shopping Center?), or call 911, if things actually become noticably worse. Blah. Medical stuff is expensive. (Woo, another thing to stress about, to keep the blood pressure up! Keep it up, brain, you can achieve an aneurysm if you really put your mind to it!) Also, would miss my dental appt at 3pm and have to re-schedule.

Dear body,
    Quit it. :-P

ETA: Well, I went to my dental appt, and I'm home now... I still feel just a smidge odd? A bit hyper, or lightheaded? I'd almost say it still feels like a caffeine thing, except it seems implausible that much of this morning's coffee is still in my system. I have a pretty high tolerance. My somatic sense of it, though, is strikingly similar to the experience of drinking 4-6 shots of espresso over the course of just a couple hours. (What? It was Johns Hopkins. That's how we got through writing final papers and studying for exams.)