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Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Date:2014-10-30 22:48
Subject:Propositions initial skim...
Mood: busy

Thus far, I haven't found any reason to disagree with Pete Stahl, which means voting YES on the whole set of propositions this year, which is, I think, the first time that's happened.

Will append a comment later if further research changes my mind.

ETA: Complete ballot.

The Sequoia Health District race is interesting. Three of the five candidates -- one incumbent and two challengers -- want to dissolve the district. And their suggestion that it should merge with the Peninsula Health District is not crazy! But I don't think we should be shutting it down immediately; the county can plan a vote on the issue of a merger without nuking the administrative architecture that's in place. And the "scandals" of the district having funded (a) a clinic that is technically just over the border outside its funding territory (but has over 750 district residents registered as active patients), and (b) a nursing education program that has had half of its graduates go on to work outside the district (so, we should keep all of them chained to stations here? keeping half here seems like success to me), both seem completely non-scandalous.

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