June 3rd, 2017


Onineko Hoshi, ~9/20/2002 - 6/3/2017


A role model for procrastinators everywhere, Hoshi was sloth incarnate. She wanted nothing more than to eat, sleep, occasionally get petted and groomed, and watch the day roll by from a comfortable pillow. It's possible she was just as clever as her mastermind sister, but simply couldn't be bothered to get into mischief -- all that effort was beneath her dignity.

Pretty Hoshi

She had been chronically ill with some mild bowel inflammation and diabetic symptoms, over the last two years, but that seemed to be under control with a daily oral steroid. She died very suddenly today -- keeled over on her side and lay there panting, was rushed to the nearest emergency vet, managed to get up for a bit and act normal briefly, but then relapsed and died. The vet thought it was most likely a stroke.

Hoshi lolls in the well of legs while Tsuki looks on

I will miss my sessile pudge-a-puss. She was a most excellent bedwarmer.

Sleepy Hoshi
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