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Angelides phonebanking tool up and running...

...and I imagine precinct-walking will get going again, sooner or later. If you're on my f-list, you'll be able to see this post, which includes a link which will get you started at the site with a referral from me. Get exercise, meet your neighbors -- fun all 'round! Try a half-hour of phonebanking, once a week -- it's a small price to pay for a much better government. I've also, at this point, been pretty well integrated into the local party (I've been invited to the Central Committee meeting), and Xta and I have been doing stuff like working the voter-signup table at the Los Altos Art and Wine Fest. I encourage everyone to give this stuff a try. There are many things you could be doing to fight the right wing that are easy and take very little time. If you're upset about the way things are going, and you're not active: why not?

At the very least, if you haven't yet, please consider donating to the campaign (as previously discussed). Even $5. Stand up and be counted. To those of you who already have (you know who you are), you rock my world. After my original fundraising target was hit, I bumped it up. *g*

I have the shirts I ordered for people. I just need to go pack to the post where I originally offered them, get people's addresses, and send them out. (I don't have the lawn signs yet; I'm not sure what's up with that.)

Last, but not least, I will be hosting a campaign party on October 21st, 3-5pm. (The conference call is at 4pm. I really need to get a speaker phone before then...) I've listened in on two of these party conference calls, and asked a question on the second one. In both cases, there was a lot of general pep-rally stuff, but there were also at least a few interesting policy points discussed. (Also, on the first, we got to hear from Olympia Dukakis, who commented briefly on how George HW Bush's '88 campaign -- in which, despite being a relative moderate, he asked W to help him cultivate support from the right-wing Xians -- had been a turning point in the development of the cynical, corrupt GOP we know today.)

In non-political news, Xta and I have been cooking with the fresh produce she's been getting from Live Earth Farm. For lunch today I had a sandwich with arugula, cucumber, and eggs (all from the farm), plus mustard, organic lemon mayo, and dill and paprika. We've also made, in the last few weeks: Curried red lentil and Swiss chard stew with garbanzo beans (turns out Xta likes Brit-style curry powder, even if I can't get her to eat Indian; this stuff was particularly good with lots of yogurt and a scattering of sultanas), Chard and Caramelized Onions (which also has kalamatas, capers, and lemon juice, and we tossed it over whole-wheat pasta with pecorino), Carrot Zucchini Bisque (entirely made by Xta, who still claims to not know how to cook; I punched up my portion with some ginger), Kale with Caramelized Onions and Balsamic Vinegar (which I liked, though it should definitely be a side, not a main course, and I'd recommend using the strong, sweet, syrupy kind of balsamic vinegar), and I made my usual french toast (the batter is heavily spiced, and gets a shot of Bailey's) and then we tossed over ricotta and strawberries. (I'd forgotten how much I like ricotta, which, like gjetost, is a whey product, and thus tends to be high in protein and friendly microbes, and low in fat) We've also made dinner salads a few times (greens like the arugula, plus). So, a lot of time invested, but the rewards are well worth it. I'm glad to be cooking regularly, again. And in terms of cutting greenhouse impact, having most of my food come from less than 50 miles away is probably a good thing...

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