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Stupid remote. Stupid heat. Stupid quest.

I discovered that the remote that comes with my amp does have a preset program for my TV, so that's one less remote. It doesn't have a preset for the ReplayTV, but it does have learning functionality, where you can program the keys for a given function one by one. Unfortunately, it seems totally incapable of learning some of the important keys from the ReplayTV remote. Maybe the Replay puts some of its pulses too close together (so the amp remote doesn't recognize them as separate) or too far apart (so it stops recording before the signal's over), or something like that? Very irritating, in any case. It was also unable to learn most of the keys on the tiny remote for the subwoofer. Fortunately, it was able to learn the only one that really matters: Power. The amp is already programmed to where I want it, so all I really need is to turn it on and off... I also found the preset for the VCR, which is wonky (it doesn't actually capture all the buttons), but seems to manage the important things. Anyways, I'm down to just two remotes on the coffee table, instead of five. So that's nice.

However, the heat is absolutely murderous, both inside and out. I think it's broken 100F out there, and it may be hotter inside, because the sun is now streaming in through the windows. Yay, nationwide greenhouse-effect heatwave. :-(

Day 10,506: Killed by oil. Stupid oil.

Note that I actually went to the effort of estimating how many days old I am. I may be off by a bit, but I should be close... Because I am geeky like that.

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