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"Where does that name come from?" As requested... dushai, here.

The history of "Ορως" (Auros) is a bit complicated. My given name is Robert Michael Harman, or R Michael Harman. My parents call me Michael*. (The middle name thing is a bit of a family tradition. My dad is S Mitchell, and I have brothers W Gregory and J Alexander.) Freshman year of college, there was a Michael M Harman three doors down in my dorm, and it became inconvenient for people to say, "Hey Mike!" (Which one?) "Mike Harman!" (WHICH ONE?) So people in the dorm started calling me "R", just the bare letter. (I'd never been Robert, and had no particular desire to be, but I've always included the first initial in my signature, and since I was comfortable identifying as "R Michael", shortening that to just "R" seemed fine.) I was futzing with my MacOS laptop, and managed to alter some stuff in the resource files so it would say "Welcome to R-OS", and use "R-OS" instead of "MacOS" a number of other places throughout the system. (Considering I was using hexeditors on system files, it's shocking I never managed to create some horrible error that would've forced a painful restore-from-backup.) I then named the computer "Auros", as a pun. It's cognate with the Latin roots for "sound" (and I'm a singer and generally enjoy the sounds of language) and "gold" (which is one of my favorite colors), and we also have "aura" (which is probably a Middle English import of Greek "aero" after a detour through Latin). The -os ending is common on Greek names. (Also, ὄρος, with two omicrons rather than an omicron and an omega, is a word for "mountain" in old Greek. See this discussion of Orichalcum. βουνό seems to be preferred for that, in modern Greek.)

All of my computers since then have also had metallic names: Argent, Wolfram, Titan, and, most recently, Lefkochrysos (or Λευκόχρυσος), which is literally white gold, but means platinum.

Because the computer had that name, when I would log into IRC channels, or MUDs, or whatever, there'd be a banner saying, "Login from" So I started using Auros as a net handle. When I got out to San Francisco, I made a lot of new friends over IRC (particularly the #sfgoth and #sfrivethead channels), started dating somebody I met through the goth scene, and she introduced me to a bunch more people... Eventually the majority of my friends knew me as Auros, and I like having a name I picked. Especially since my given name is so common. I sometimes joke that the name picked me, since I sort of grew into it organically.

* Or at least they did when I originally wrote this; since then, even they have mostly switched to using "Auros". When I left Motorola and started an MBA program, in '07, I decided to go by Auros there, and have used it professionally since I graduated. I'm still debating whether to make a legal change.

[Update: Legally changed it in 2017, finally.]
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