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Secret, and also shameful.

So, my pre-ordered copy of scottbateman's Sketchbook of Secrets & Shame arrived in the mail today. It was signed with a reference to my Cats Are Smart story (which I have, just barely, forgiven Scott for rejecting as a candidate for the Bateman 365). I flipped through a bit, and discovered some loose pages. For a moment, I was thinking, OHNOZ! My sketchbook is defective!

Then I realized that, in fact, there were consecutive page numbers on either side of the loose pages... I have been granted Original Bateman Sketches! Including two from the Maggie Gyllenhaal series! OMG!1!!one!! They're sure to be worth millions in the distant future. At the very least, I can use them to try to get Maggie Gyllenhaal in the sack. *g*

(I didn't get these ones, but they're the first examples I found, to show what I'm talking about. I think the earlier sketches -- the ones in the book -- may no longer be online.)

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