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Would anyone find useful...

...a daily (or every few days) Angelides news digest?

I'll write one up for today. If anybody thinks it's interesting, I'll keep posting them.

The biggest news of the week, I think, is the endorsement of Prop 89. As the Cal Progress Report puts it, this leaves Schwarzenneger Defending Dirty Money. Remember that during the recall election in '03, Arnie boasted about how he'd never need special-interest money. He's raised $94 million, largely from parties with an interest in California legislation, including millions from major Bush/Cheney donors at fundraisers outside our state. (There's also the matter of his having opposed Jackie Speier's work to regulate the "dietary supplement" industry, at a time when he was receiving personal income from dietary supplement advertising, through his ownership of fitness 'zines. Oh, and I've heard that his budget director may be getting indicted in the ongoing prison scandal, for refusing to include funding in the budget proposal for reforms that had been ordered by the court and the receiver. Good luck spinning a contempt of court charge, Arnie!)

Phil also recently launched his Voices of California tour, which aims to highlight healthcare issues. This follows up on a successful few days, last week, rallying blue constituents in the red region of the Central Valley, where air quality is a major health issue.

Another issue that came up this week, because of federal legislation, is the minimum wage. The Republicans in Congress have said: "Sure, we'll raise the minimum wage a bit from its current level -- the lowest in inflation adjusted dollars for two generations -- but only if you give billions to the 7500 wealthiest families in America." (And in fact, a few Republicans have gone so far as to say that they will vote against the linked minimum-wage/estate-tax bill because it's not regressive enough -- they want just the estate-tax repeal.) Because linking Ohio-Arnie to the national GOP, and his work for George W Bush, is a major campaign issue, Phil took the opportunity to point out that Arnie has vetoed minimum wage legislation in California. Twice.

Bill Clinton came to town, to headline a fundraiser. Clinton owes his presidency in no small part to Phil's organizing work as head of the CA Democratic Party. Prior to '92, California hadn't voted for a Democrat since the 1960s.

Phil also continued highlighting his committment to the LGBT community -- risky, given the unrest in our state over gay marriage, but certainly principled (willingness to take risks for principle is one of the things I love about the guy) -- by appearing at the Human Rights Campaign gala, where he was introduced by keynote speaker Russ Feingold, after the Wisconsin senator's keynote speech.

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