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Write your Democratic Officials...

Subject: Please Endorse Ned Lamont

I am asking my elected officials -- especially Barbara Boxer, who campaigned for Joe Lieberman in the primary -- to back the Democrats of Connecticut in their choice for Senator. Lamont was, and is, the better candidate. Joe Lieberman has abandoned our party, and his duty to the American public, when it counted most -- in matters of national security, health security (Medicare Part D), and economic security (bankruptcy "reform"), and he was the _last_ Democrat to stop trying to negotiate over the destruction of Social Security. It may be true that he has voted with the party much of the time, but he has consistently offered "bipartisan" cover to the reckless Bush administration, and he has sanctimoniously accused those fighting the good fight of undermining our country.

Endorse Ned Lamont -- raise money for him, if you can -- and tell Joe to get out of the race.


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