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An American Hero...

People-Powered Howard, visiting to support Phil.   People-Powered Howard, visiting to support Phil.
Me and Xta with Howard Dean, the man who first inspired me, and countless others, to truly participate in our democracy. Not the greatest shot -- it was really hot in there, and I think the DNC staffers were trying to keep a schedule, but Howard was still taking as much time as he could to talk with supporters.

The event we were at was a rally with the Angelides campaign's labor backers, and various luminaries -- Newsom, Leno, Torres, and of course Dean. Sort of a standard morale-booster, exhorting people to get out and work, and putting on a show for the media. But, fun, nonetheless. And I met a few people from the SF chapter of the California Clean Money Campaign (which I think is officially now "Yes On 89", as well as an SF officer of the Young Dems (who was kind enough to take the pic above). Also waved to mickle across the crowd, but never did manage to catch her to say hi. I even called your cellphone, hon, to see if maybe you'd want to stop for tea afterwards, but you didn't pick up! Ringer still off from during the event?


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