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A couple randoms...

Attn: Massachusetts-area humans! Motorola has ~50 open positions on a new project in Andover, MA. It's an optical-networks thing, and they need people for Software, Hardware, Systems, Management, and Marketing. I believe you should be able to find details by searching this site. As I understand it, our recruiting system gives preference to internal applicants and to referrals; if you'd like to have me load your resume into our system, let me know. If you get hired and work at least six months, I get a bonus. If you have friends who might be interested, feel free to point them over here. This really is a pretty darn good company to work for (it shows up on a lot of "best companies to work for" lists, and we also made Business Ethics Magazine's list this past year, because of things like our wireless recycling program, which not only takes our own products, but our competitors' too); the bureaucracy can be a pain sometimes (as at any large corporation), but the HR folks I've dealt with have sincerely tried to help out, the benefits are good, and I think we're on an upward trajectory (gaining market share, making real strides in quality of our products, improving people's perception of the brand).

Attn: Bay-Area humans! I have two passes to Great America, which I doubt Xta and I will use, because we already went (also on free passes, oddly enough) a month or so ago. They're good through 11/15/06.

At some point I need to actually write a post about WorldCon.

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