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In which I am still up, at frex'o'clock in the morning.

Too much work, too much email, too much. I had a training thing on Wed-Thu that's put me even further behind on work, news, and so on... I also snuck out of the last couple hours of the training to go off to the city and meet theonlyruth for dinner at Indigo*, and then opera**. Tonight I've been trying to deal with email, and tomorrow morning the AT&T tech will be here to try to figure out what's been wrong with my int0rnetz tubes for the past month. (I don't even play online poker!)

Oh, and there was artcar stuff last weekend -- parade in Berkeley, display down in San Jose, where we saw the fascinating Listening Post installation, among other computerized-art exhibits. There were also some room-sized dynamically generated images, which were thrown up by multiple projectors in such a way that, aside from the images being beautiful, they also made your shadows do interesting things.

There's just been too much going on to even keep track of it, let alone list and describe it. In political stuff, the thing that stands out in my mind currently is the gracious support I've been given by Margaret Abe-Koga, a member of Peninsula Young Democrats, founder of our regional Asian / Pacific-Islander Dems club, and currently a candidate for Mountain View City Council. Despite being in the middle of her own campaign, she's been very positive about getting her volunteers to cooperate in spreading the word for candidates up the ticket as well. She has an excellent resume, and a positive vision and attitude, and if you live in MtV you should send her some money, and vote for her in November. If you don't live there, tell your friends who do.

* The prix fixe menu is very reasonably priced, at $35, and the I had The Castro, one of the "neighborhood cocktails" and it was good -- pleasantly tart. Dinner details:
Me: green salad with chevre, toasted almond slivers, and pluots; pappardelle with pomodoro, parmesan, and roasted eggplant and summer squash; apple-cranberry crisp with dulce de leche ice cream.
Ruth: white corn soup (with some sort of accent, I forget what); the pappardelle; and an OMG-amazing panna cotta with slices of fresh peach and a drizzle of peach sauce; after trading tastes, it was decided that Ruth was the pretty clear winner on dessert choice, even though the crisp was by no means bad.

** opera: The Masked Ball, which is an even sillier than usual plot, despite being based, loosely, on the real historical assassination of the King of Sweden. The fictional version seems to have a death-wish from the very beginning. "Assassination plots, bah, I don't worry about those!" Deborah Voigt, returning to the stage after illness in surgery, was fantastic, and although the elderly gentleman next to me -- who's been going to the opera since before the SF War Memorial house opened, was not thrilled with some of the other voices, I really thought they were all quite good. The soprano in the trousers role, in particular, was very enthusiastically boy-ish.

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