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Hey, Alameda County Voters

Since many of you live in Alameda County, I thought it might be worth pointing out that your registrar of voters is trying to imitate Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell. There's a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday at which you have an opportunity to complain.

From: Democracy For America
Subject: Alameda County/ E-voting Security Alert / NOW >> TUES 10/10

Please Forward Throughout Alameda County

WHAT: Alameda County Security Testing of E-Voting Machines
WHEN: Tuesday Oct 10, 10am
WHERE: 1221 Oak St., 5th floor, Oakland, CA

Included in this Alert

* Reject Fake "Security" Testing of Voting Machines
* Links to Sample Letter and Talking Point Details
* Phone and E-mail contacts for Alameda County Supervisors


The "Security" Report is a Whitewash

2. NO attempt to BREAK into the system was done.
3. ONLY outsider attacks were considered, NOT insider attacks, NOT vendor attacks.

YET the report states, "The Sequoia Electronic Voting System selected by Alameda County to conduct election operations is inherently secure."

They might as well have stated "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED." Saying doesn't make it so.

Please PROTEST THIS REPORT! See talking point resources below

Tell the Board of Supervisors you want meaningful voting system testing, to make sure your vote is counted as cast.



On June 8th the Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved pursuing a Sequoia contract bid with this important condition:

Approved as recommended with two amendments: Staff was directed to

* conduct independent security vulnerability testing prior to paying for the electronic voting system,
* and return to the Board to consider options for public disclosure of the results

The intention of the BoS was evident during the discussion that led up to the vote. The terms "hack test" and "hackability" were brought up 4 times in 10 minutes.

On June 14th the contract was signed with Sequoia, WITHOUT ANY CLAUSE THAT WOULD REQUIRE OR ALLOW THIS TESTING.

Citizens had to engage lawyers to pressure the Supervisors to live up to their own policy decision.

On October 4th, a lawsuit was served on the county, demanding an "independent security and vulnerability test."

Amazingly, the next day, the county released its weak excuse for a security report, to be presented for supervisorial approval on Tuesday, October 10th.


Tell the Board of Supervisors what you think of this report. (See Links to Briefing Materials below)

Tell them they voted to have the WHOLE SYSTEM tested and that includes the SOFTWARE.

Tell the Board of Supervisors to PROVE these voting systems are secure from attacks -- by actually TRYING to hack them.

A genuine security and vulnerability test -- what the Supervisors voted for -- requires penetration testing, aka "hack" or "red-team attack" testing.

Tell the Board of Supervisors to TABLE the fake test and require the RoV to produce the legitimate security assessment they voted for, NOT this WHITEWASH.


It's best if you can come to the BOS Meeting Tuesday and speak. (See What/When/Where at top of message.)

If you can't attend, then send letters and call.

Find your supervisorial district on map linked below:

District 1
Supv. Scott Haggerty <>
(510) 272-6691

District 2
Supv. Gail Steele <>
(510) 272-6692

District 3
Supv. Alice Lai-Bitker <>
(510) 272-6693

District 4
Supv. Nate Miley <>
(510) 272-6694

District 5
Supv. Keith Carson <>
(510) 272-6695

Find your Supervisor district:

Alert prepared by Voting Rights Task Force members Michelle Gabriel, Jon Barrilleaux, Jim Soper, and Dan Ashby.


Election Defense Alliance


The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which all other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery. --Thomas Paine

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