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Upcoming events...

House Party for Angelides and Bowen
Sat Oct 21, starting at 3pm
conference call with Phil Angelides at 4pm
conference call with Debra Bowen at 5:30pm
showing of Dorothy Fadiman's new movie about our broken electoral process, "Stealing America," at 7:30pm
suggested donation for each candidate: $100/$75/$35
At Stephanie Grossman's house (she has a much larger place than I do). RSVP for directions.
There will be some kind of drawing for prizes, for people who are there for both halves of the party.

Pizza and Politics ballot discussion.
Sun Oct 29, starting at 4pm.
At the Ivory Tower.
RSVP for directions, and if you want pizza (how much and what kind).

The performance of Rigoletto was really good. I'm not generally a huge fan of the show -- there aren't really any likable characters -- but the performances were good enough to actually make the characters (particularly Rigoletto himself, and Monterone) a emotionally real. (Though I still had trouble believing Maddalena.) And the costumes were good -- rather Commedia dell'arte.

ETA: I meant to mention that the set for Rigoletto was vaguely Escher-esque. Their set designers are excellent at manipulating perspective to make the set feel larger than it is, by laying out lines to a false "horizon", on a slanted stage. In this case, they managed to make it feel both larger and smaller -- the front of the stage was expansive, but the building facades along the sides had an inwards lean, creating a threatening, constricted feeling.

Also, Monday is my birthday.

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