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I apologize for the length of this...

...but if I lj-cut it, it will only appear at one URL (the entry), whereas if I leave it up, it can be crawled from any friends-page URL on a journal that allows crawling, as well as from my own front-page. And that's whole point. If you're interested in joining in on the link-targeting campaign, try doing a view-source on the entry page, and copying the text into a new entry of your own, or post the source on some non-LJ site.

AZ-Sen: Jon Kyl

AZ-01: Rick Renzi

AZ-05: J.D. Hayworth

CA-04: John Doolittle

CA-11: Richard Pombo

CA-50: Brian Bilbray

CO-04: Marilyn Musgrave

CO-05: Doug Lamborn

CO-07: Rick O'Donnell

CT-04: Christopher Shays

FL-13: Vernon Buchanan

FL-16: Joe Negron

FL-22: Clay Shaw

ID-01: Bill Sali

IL-06: Peter Roskam

IL-10: Mark Kirk

IL-14: Dennis Hastert

IN-02: Chris Chocola

IN-08: John Hostettler

IA-01: Mike Whalen

KS-02: Jim Ryun

KY-03: Anne Northup

KY-04: Geoff Davis

MD-Sen: Michael Steele

MN-01: Gil Gutknecht

MN-06: Michele Bachmann

MO-Sen: Jim Talent

MT-Sen: Conrad Burns

NV-03: Jon Porter

NH-02: Charlie Bass

NJ-07: Mike Ferguson

NM-01: Heather Wilson

NY-03: Peter King

NY-20: John Sweeney

NY-26: Tom Reynolds

NY-29: Randy Kuhl

NC-08: Robin Hayes

NC-11: Charles Taylor

OH-01: Steve Chabot

OH-02: Jean Schmidt

OH-15: Deborah Pryce

OH-18: Joy Padgett

PA-04: Melissa Hart

PA-07: Curt Weldon

PA-08: Mike Fitzpatrick

PA-10: Don Sherwood

RI-Sen: Lincoln Chafee

TN-Sen: Bob Corker

VA-Sen: George Felix Allen

VA-10: Frank Wolf

WA-Sen: Mike McGavick

WA-08: Dave Reichert

Joe Lieberman: "Seasonal Memory Lapses" by Paul Bass (Hartford Courant)
Joe Lieberman: "Truth About Joe"
Joe Lieberman: "Lieberman Wins Republican Friends, Democratic Enemies... (WaPo)
Joe Lieberman: "Joe Lieberman is a Big Oil Republican" (LamontBlog)
Joe Lieberman: "Kerry Calls Lieberman the New Cheney" (ABC)
Joe Lieberman: "Joe Lieberman Doesn't Care About Handicapped People" (Wonkette)
Joe Lieberman: "Joe Lieberman is Running With a Bad Crowd" (Firedoglake)
Joe Lieberman: "116 Reasons Not to Vote for Joe Lieberman"
Joe Lieberman: "How Joe Lieberman Tried to Kill Rock 'N Roll (Huffington Post)"

Ned Lamont: Official Campaign Website
Ned Lamont: Ned Lamont, the Political Entrepreneur
Ned Lamont: "Democrats Back Lamont; Lieberman Files Independent Run" (F0x)
Ned Lamont: Unofficial Ned Lamont Resource
Ned Lamont: Unofficial Lamont Blog
Ned Lamont: "The Democrats Mean Business" (WSJ)
Ned Lamont: "Ned Lamont vs. Joe Lieberman" (The Nation)
Ned Lamont: "Lieberman Loses Debate With Challenger Ned Lamont"
Ned Lamont: "Lamont: Lieberman Sounded Like Cheney"
Ned Lamont: "Lamont Fires Up Naples" (New Haven Independent)


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