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Richard Pombo is in big trouble.

Somewhere between 1000 and 2000 people were willing to stand in the rain for almost two hours to listen to Bill Clinton and Jerry McNerney. Also John Garamendi, Debra Bowen, Cruz Bustamante, and Art Torres, all of whom gave good short speeches (stalling for time while President Clinton was flying from SF to Stockton). I got to tell our soon-to-be LtGov about the guy in my neighborhood who credits Garamendi with saving his life. And I got to shake hands with the best President of my lifetime. (Got home at 1am, got up not long after 6am... Oy. Coffee is my friend.)

The polls have McNerney up, though within the margin of error, and it definitely looks like the Dems are a lot more energized, in CA-11, than the Republicans. Here's hoping that energy is enough to carry us through whatever dirty tricks they pull...

Also: Angelides will be at the Stanford campus tomorrow at noon! (ETA: From my email, it looks like they actually moved it back to 1pm, but the RSVP link still says noon. Weird.) I know a bunch of you work around here. Come on your lunch break. :-)

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