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Xta's pics from the McNerney / Clinton rally (with totally unrelated YouTube clip)

When you can get more than a thousand people to turn out to stand in the rain for almost two hours in the middle of the night, you know your supporters are energized. "It may be raining tonight, but you know the sun 'll be shinin' on Tuesday!"

John Garamendi and Art Torres   John Garamendi and Art Torres

We also heard from Debra Bowen and Cruz Bustamante, as well as some local candidates.
the crowd   the crowd
Clinton approaching the stage   Clinton approaching the stage
Clinton and McNerney greeting an enthusiastic crowd   Clinton and McNerney greet an enthusiastic crowd
McNerney speaks   McNerney speaks

He told the story of how he came to be running for Congress, and talked about his plans for energy independence.
Clinton, McNerney, Garamendi   Clinton, McNerney, Garamendi

This was the perfect place for Clinton to come after holding a Yes-on-87 rally in SF earlier in the evening. He spoke a lot about Jerry's alt-energy plans, and how much we need that in Congress, as well as about getting voters to vote Democratic for the first time and about some of the veterans we have running for Congress around the country, for whom he has been campaigning.
Clinton leaves the stage and the crowd swarms after him!   Clinton leaves the stage and the crowd swarms after him!

It's not QUITE as chaotic as it looks... but almost :)
Clinton   Clinton

Ignore the evil redeye effect, 'k?

And now for something completely different: A rap parody of The Hound of the Baskervilles.


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