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Final Countdown?

For any local people who might consider getting off their duffs and doing something to ensure we get a better government, the North Santa Clara County Democratic HQ is at 2290 El Camino Real in Mountain View -- half a block north of Rengstorff, at the plaza with Amber India Restaurant; you can make a left turn into the plaza, if you're coming south down El Camino. Phone number is 650-965-3117.

Saturday Nov 4th, 9am, we are having a rally at headquarters to kick off the final GOTV push. Refreshments will be served. We'll have State Senator Joe Simitian, Karyn Sinunu (DA candidate), our Mountain View city council candidates, and probably our beloved Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, to inspire us. Then we'll head out to put up reminder doorhangers in targeted precincts. If you don't see this til too late to make the 9am rally,
still do come down -- there will be staff in the office who can get you set up for a precinct walk, or phone banking, or whatever else needs doing.

Sunday Nov 5th and Monday Nov 6th we'll continue with the doorhangers. We'll gather Sunday November 5 at 1:00pm, and Monday November 6 at 10:00am.

Tuesday, Nov 7 Election Day: POLL CHECKING, with trainings starting at 2:00pm, call 650-965-3117 to sign up.

ELECTION NIGHT PARTY! If you help in this election in any capacity, you're welcome to join us after the polls close.

If you don't want to leave your house, and you have internet access that you can use while also making phone calls, there are some great phonebanking tools online. I'd recommend focusing on either the Bowen for SecState or McNerney for Congress races, though MoveOn's generalized get-out-the-vote tool is fine too:

How will you feel on Wednesday morning if the Republicans take the SecState and LtGov posts, and win on the major ballot initiatives? They'll threaten the integrity of our electoral process, set back environmental regulation, interfere with the stem-cell research intiative, erode your right to control your own body, continue campaign-finance sleaze, prevent us from making necessary investments in new energy technology... Isn't that worth fighting?

If you're not in Santa Clara County, you can find your local HQ by looking up the website of your local party. I posted links recently.

Bedtime. No more sleep for the next three days. (I'm exaggerating. But not much.)

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