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Barber of Seville

SF is redoing their production from '03, with even the same lead baritone, and it is still fantastic -- the rotating house, and the motor-scooter, and the costumes (cherry-red leather trenchcoat!)... If anything, the performances tonight were even better than the first time I saw it -- great comic timing, and very expressive singing.

Also had breakfast at Ti Couz with Xta and fructivore before walking to the opera house (they went to the SF Green Festival), and afterwards took the train home with Ruth and had dinner at Cafe Pro Bono. After that there was a comedy of errors involving ratontheroad coming to pick up Ruth earlier than expected, and then joining us to go pick up Xta, who missed our CalTrain stop. We all had tasty black-raspberry frozen yogurt with blackberry liquer for dessert, and hung out for an hour or so.

I'm still about five days behind on the news, and behind on LJ and email. And I'm also behind on things for my actual job, which is preventing me from finding time to catch up (I actually have to, you know, work for the full, solid eight hours that I'm there, and some days a bit more; usually I can at least get 30 minutes over lunchtime to read Slate and email, and hit LJ for 15 minutes or so at some point). Anyways, I'm currently too tired to really do anything about that, and it'll probably be another week or so before I'm entirely caught up. Or more. Supposedly I'm going to deal with my MBA program apps in the next few weeks. :-/

But, I had too good a day to feel stressed about that stuff right now.

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