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I have just filed my application to be a candidate in the AD21 Democratic Caucus election for our 12 delegates to the State Central Committee.

I'm planning to start canvassing College Terrace one more time on Saturday morning (this will be the third round for the year!) so I can gather signatures in support of my candidacy, and encourage my neighbors to attend the caucus to vote for me.

If you live in AD21, and you were registered as a Democrat in the past electoral cycle, you can come vote for me! To check on your AD, go to Smart Voter, fill in your address in the form in the upper right corner, click Submit to get your ballot information, and search for "State Assembly". (Or for "Ira Ruskin" -- if you're in AD21, he's your Assemblyman.)

The caucus will be held Saturday January 13th, at the Hillview Community Center (97 Hillview Ave, Los Altos), beginning at 10am. It's expected to run about two hours, maybe a little more. (This unfortunately conflicts with a wedding that I know a lot of you are going to. I'm planning to go to the caucus, then book it down to the reception at 1pm...)

ETA: If you'd like to send Get-Well wishes to Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) (who suffered some kind of bleeding in his brain yesterday, but is reportedly doing OK), Harry Reid is collecting signatures from folks around the country. I also am thinking Get-Well wishes towards Sen. Craig Thomas (R-WY), diagnosed with leukemia on election day. While I'd rather see somebody else in his seat, I prefer to beat people fairly in elections -- entropy is a "common enemy" we all share.

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