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Assembly District Caucuses

Update: The full list of candidates at all AD caucuses is now available. I'm updating the AD21 list to add all the people whom I will be planning to vote for... Will try to find time to add info on people in other ADs at some point.

I'm forward-dating this post to make it stick at the top of my blog until the caucus... I'm keeping full details on AD21, but also trying to accumulate some basic info (like, who from the DFA/progressive activist community is running) for other local ADs. You can find locations and contacts for every AD at the CADem site. If you don't know what district you're in, go to, punch in your address, pull up your "current" ballot (which will be the General Election from this past November), and look for the "State Assembly" section.

If you're a progressive Democrat, you should seriously consider attending your AD meeting to help elect the twelve delegates who will speak for you in shaping the goals of our party in the next two years. At this point, we have not identified who all our candidates are, but if we show up in large enough numbers, we could have a significant impact on who is elected. The deadline to run for ADD has now passed.

=== Known Candidates ===

AD06: Mayme Hubert, Ralph Miller

AD16: Christian Crumlish

AD19: Bradford Lyau

AD20: Vicki Cosgrove

AD21: Carolyn Curtis (already appointed as a State Central Committee member, will be running, as the incumbent, for the single Executive Board Representative position), Rob Dickinson (got an appointed seat, so doesn't need to run), Stephanie Grossman, R.M. 'Auros' Harman, Lorri Holzberg, Dave Joki, Karen Maki, Karen Porter, Joe Rolfe, Seth Stafford, Kai Stinchcombe, Ralph Wheeler

AD22: Alyson Abramowitz (elected from County committee), Stephen A. Chessin, Jon Kessler, Otto Lee, Margaret Okuzumi, Brandon Sulser

AD23: Buu Chau Thai

AD24: Wanda Bryan, Spandan Chakrabarti, Adrienne Grey, Jolyn Liaw, Evan Low, Constance McKee, Mary Sue Morris, Clark Williams, Ken Yeager

=== When and Where ===

If you're not in one of the ADs I've listed here, follow that link up top, and contact your convenor to find out these sorts of details. If you know details for another AD, feel free to put it in the comments, and I'll add it here.

Sat 1/13 11am
Golden Peacock Restaurant
3681 Peralta Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536
Convenor: Bob Wieckowski <>

AD21 (Ira Ruskin)
Sat 1/13 10am
Hillview Community Center
97 Hillview Avenue, Los Altos, CA 94022
Convenor: Carolyn Curtis <>, 21st AD representative, California Democratic Party Executive Board member
Plenty of parking adjacent. Handicapped accessible. Signs will direct you to the meeting room. Morning-type refreshments served.

Sun 1/14 2pm
Mountain View City Hall Council Chambers
500 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041
Convenor: Steve Chessin <>

Sun 1/14 2pm
Alfred Alquist Building, Auditorium
100 Paseo de San Antonio, San Jose, CA 95113
Convenor: ???

AD24 (Jim Beall just elected to replace Rebecca Cohen)
1/14/07 at 2:00pm
Campbell Community Center, Room E-46
1 W Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008
Convenor: Elisa Camahort <>

Sun 1/14 3pm
Union Hall of Electrical Workers Local 234
10300 Merritt Street, Castroville, CA 95012
Convenor: ???

Sun 1/14 1pm
Teamsters Hall
931 E Market St, Salinas, CA 93905
Convenor: Sylvia Alverez <>

=== Purpose of This Meeting ===

We will elect six women and six men as delegates to the state party, plus one representative to the Executive Board. Terms are two years. Election is by secret ballot. Attendance at state party meetings is at the delegate's or executive board representative's expense.

=== Who Can Attend ===

Attendance at an AD Caucus is open to all registered Democrats who live in the AD. You must have been registered in the district by October 23, 2006, that is, in time to vote in the Nov 7, 2006 election. Exceptions are made only for those just becoming citizens or just reaching voting age by the date of this meeting (such voters can register onsite if not already registered).

You may bring flyers announcing events, such as Democratic club meetings. We'll have a table for such materials, and also time for brief announcements (preferably no more than one minute each). No proxies are allowed for this meeting.

=== Preliminaries ===

For the AD21 meeting, the doors will open promptly at 10am and close promptly at 11am, when the meeting proper starts. If you are not in the room or in line by 11am, you will not be allowed to attend.

The state party is requiring us to charge $5 to cover the costs of the room (fee waived for anyone for whom it's an economic hardship) -- this fee appears to be pretty standard across ADs. There may also be a donation jar to cover the cost of refreshments.

You are required to sign a signup form. On the form, you may indicate a willingness to assume an organizational responsibility for one or more precincts in this assembly district, or to assume another specified organizational responsibility for the party. If you're not interested in this responsibility, you are not disqualified from participating. The form notes that by signing you agree that your contact information is shared with the California Democratic Party and with other chartered Democratic organizations. (So far as I know, there is no opt-out for that. But of course, if you register to vote at all, the parties already have access to most of that info.)

If an attendee is challenged, that person's registration can be checked at the meeting.

The hour between doors opening and closing (10am-11am) allows time for latecomers, signing in, socializing, and campaigning.

=== What Happens at the Meeting ===

Since the convenor in our AD is running for Executive Board Representative, Beth Shaw has agreed to be Meeting Chair. We'll follow Robert's Rules of Order.

The state party furnishes preprinted ballots, listing candidates in alphabetical order. You need not stay for the (whole) meeting to vote; you can leave as soon as you receive and mark your ballot and deposit it in the two ballot boxes (for ADDs and for e-board representative).

You need not vote for a full slate of 6 women and 6 men. You can, in fact, vote for any 12 candidates -- all one gender if you so choose. But only the top 6 vote-getters in each gender will be elected.

Preliminary agenda:
  1. Meeting called to order: promptly at 11am
  2. Announce number of voters and number of candidates for ADD who have filed
  3. Agenda review
  4. Brief description of obligations and expenses for ADDs and executive board representative
  5. Delegate candidate speeches: no more than one minute each
  6. Balloting for 12 delegates: 6 women and 6 men
  7. Counting for delegates; during this time we may have announcements (preferably no more than one minute each)
  8. Announcement of the 12 winning delegates
  9. Nominations for executive board representative
  10. Balloting for executive board representative
  11. Counting for executive board representative
  12. Announcement of the winning executive board representative
  13. Further announcements if necessary
  14. Adjournment

=== Running for Assembly District Delegate (ADD) ===

If you want to run, you must file your application by 5pm January 2! You can do so online at; click Our Party, then click 2007 Convention (on the left), then AD Caucus Information.

You can also print out the form and fax or send it in. If you do so, send it in plenty of time to arrive in the CDP office by 5pm January 3 (date was moved one day forward due to the federal holiday in honor of Gerald Ford; in any case, it has now passed). No applications are accepted after that date. Call the state party to make sure your form arrived: 916-442-5707.

Once you have filed you cannot retract your application. You may inform the Meeting Chair at the meeting that you are no longer interested in running. You may NOT use speech time on behalf of another candidate.

Nominations from the floor during the meeting are allowed only if there are not enough candidates to fill out the 12 slots. (This is unlikely for AD21 or AD24.)

If you are running but can't attend the meeting, you are allowed (not required) a surrogate speaker, who should have a written letter with your signature, or the meeting chair can vouch for your surrogate.

Prepare a one-minute speech. The time limit really will be enforced. You are allowed to distribute campaign flyers before the meeting starts. You can also enlist supporters to attend; they just need to meet the requirements of "Who Can Attend", above.

=== Running for Executive Board Representative ===

To run for E-Board Rep, you must be a newly elected ADD, or have been appointed to the State Central Committee by a Democratic officeholder or candidate (see Bylaws Article II, Section 3). There's no form (online or otherwise) to fill out -- just get nominated at the Caucus. Otherwise, everything in "Running for Assembly District Delegate (ADD)" applies.

=== What's Happening With the AD Committee ===

All AD committees ceased to exist Nov 15, 2006. However, at some AD Caucus meetings, those present will form a Democratic club, to be chartered by the state party. The 21st AD committee, after months-long debate, decided that since there are numerous strong Democratic clubs in the AD already (two DFA groups, the Peninsula Democratic Coalition and Young Dems, and multiple groups revolving around ethnic backgrounds and other interests) there was no need for an additional organization. Last summer the AD Committee heard presentations from four such clubs. Information on Democratic clubs in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties will be available at this meeting. For information on the change to party structure and this election, see the state party bylaws, Article VI; go, click Our Party, then click Rules and Agenda (on the left), then PARTY BY-LAWS & RULES.

Please feel free to leave comments, updates, or requests that I go in search of more info, in the comments section below. Folks who are not on my friendslist, or who don't have an LJ account at all (and thus need to comment "anonymously") will have their comments "screened" -- that is, the comments won't be visible to anyone but me, until I approve them. This is an anti-spam measure. Although it's not required, I'd appreciate it if anon commenters would sign their posts.

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