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GM Plugin Hybrid?

Meet the Chevy Volt. Personally, I think it's ugly -- I like the sleek, agile styling of the Tesla (derived, of course, from the British Lotus) way better than the American muscle-car look. Still, it's a start.

Too bad it's still only a concept car, with no commercialization plans clearly set. GM is saying that commercialization will depend on availability of a viable battery. Never mind that there are hybrid cars and SUVs on the road (including GM's own hybrid SUV, the Saturn VUE Greenline!) and that Tesla evidently thinks there are batteries that are "viable" for going much further than the 40-mile range of the battery in the Volt. When they make excuses like that, one has to wonder: Are they really that stupid? Do they think we're that stupid? Or are they just BSing, indifferent to reality -- trying to improve their brand image without actually budging from the status quo? *sigh*

And of course, the whole plugin-hybrid concept has problems -- if you're driving solely on electric most of the time, your gasoline sits in the tank, with its constituents gradually separating out or (in cold weather) gelling (maybe you need some kind of mixer in there?), and, even worse, gradually absorbing water.

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