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Note to self.

Mixing codeine and caffeine makes me feel like my torso has turned into a helium balloon. (I'm still on the codeine because my whole jaw starts feeling sore at the end of its six-hour effective period... I've cut out the Advil now, though. Swelling seems to be gone.)

I had coffee because I went to the first meeting of the Palo Alto chapter of John Edwards' OneCorps, and the meeting was being held at the Printer's Inc cafe. Basically, Edwards is combining his primary campaign with an effort to get people to engage in community service projects. I think the theme of the first "day of action" (which is next Saturday) is energy independence. I'm sort of unclear on what folks can do as a group, for that, though... I mean, it's easy to do stuff on your own -- folks can actually do those house projects they've been putting off, like putting up heat-reflective film on the windows, or replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescents.

Oh, and for anyone interested, one of our members is looking into organizing a rally for Thu 2/15, when Edwards will already be in town for a fundraiser. We're trying to set things up so, before going to the fundraiser, he can make a stop at some public location to give a short talk and mingle with supporters who can't afford the high-dollar event...

ETA: Other note to self: Printer's strawberry-rhubarb pie is delicious, and makes the whole world seem like a cheerier place.

ETA: Extraordinary. "Hi, I'm Art Buchwald, and I've just died." Art Buchwald dug satirical humor out of the high and low points of our history for half a century, and faced death with humor and dignity. He survived with a failing kidney for far longer than anyone expected, and thus had time to record an interview for release as his own obituary.

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